Scott’s Personal Update: 5/25/16

It’s my birthday today. I’m 42 now. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Work Stuff:

I’m nearly through eight months running my own company full-time ( I started the year with very lofty goals around revenue and customers. Then I realized the most important thing I can do is survive the first year, and all the mistakes that I’ll make. I’ve made a few, none disastrous, and some have been pretty frustrating and good learning opportunities.

Life Stuff:

Lena is also eight months into life as a PhD. It’s pretty awesome spending weekends together and watching her have the opportunity to fly airplanes. Very cool. Benjamin is now four-years-old. I try to make everything we do together fun like taking him to school in the bike trailer, and sometimes taking the long way through the olive grove.

Training Stuff:

I’m registered for this thing call Uberman. It’s a multi-day endurance event that’s pretty close to what I wanted to do this summer on my own. But better because there are eight of us doing the event, and it’ll only take 5-6 days instead of the 10-day event I was planning for myself.

The end of May concludes my second month of training. Pretty happy with where I’m at – did a 100+mile bike ride on Saturday and off to the pool tomorrow AM for a 10,000 yard swim (10 x 1000). For those keeping score at home, that’s 400 lengths in a 25-yard pool, and comes to roughly six miles. Yeah. This is how I choose to spend the day after my birthday.

I haven’t been running to let my tendon injury heal, and it seems to be working. I figure I can catch up on the running training with my general fitness at a very solid level. People I’ve know for a while have said things like – “You look really fit.” – which I says a lot because I’ve considered myself pretty fit for a few years now. Seems that the training is having an effect.

Back in December, I ran my first ultra-marathon. I have a race report drafted that I need to finish and post.

Personal Stuff:

I’m continuing my practice of Morning Pages and meditation most mornings, though cutting back from 6-7 days/week to 4-5 simply because some mornings are swim mornings and I need to get to the pool by 5am. On weekends, I also generally skip to grab some more sleep or get up early for a bike ride.

Thanks for reading. I’ll do a better job of posting.



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