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Updated, 11/18/16

It’s life in a post-Uberman world for me. My projects right now:

Updated, 11/4/16

It’s been quite some time… I’ve been pretty absorbed these past few months training for Uberman – The World’s Toughest Triathlon.

Here are a few photos & videos documenting the experience. I hope you’ll check them out:

My end to Uberman (video)

Celebrating our finish at Uberman (post)

Starting the run (video)

Bike finish, run start (video)

Starting the bike (video)

Change of plans after the swim (video)

Swim Finish: Crossing the Catalina Channel (video)

Bedtime: The eve of my Catalina Channel swim (video)

Updated: 3/24/16

Updated 2/12/16:

  • Week 3 of a killer stretch working with clients, traveling, teaching, and otherwise building the business
  • Prepping for anniversary + birthday weekend next weekend. Yay!
  • Down time this week – taking two of three days as free days to recharge.

Today’s Livestream:


Updated 1/29/16

  • A heavy dose of customer 1:1. Deep dive strategy sessions, including travel to the Emerald City.
  • Super duper happy about my workshop at General Assembly in Seattle.
  • Learning that reducing costs is just as good as increasing revenue. Duh.
  • Day 29 of my 31-day run challenge. I’m behind just one run.

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 1/21/16

  • A full day in San Francisco with current and future customers
  • Pushing through a heavy week
  • Refining my message and process
  • Getting to a decision with prospective customers
  • Following up on speaking gigs

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 1/8/16

  • Two customer development calls with experienced technology sales executives/startup CEOs.
  • Two client sales strategy calls to help them in the tactical part of their current sales projects.
  • Reviewing the week’s work, and identifying my chosen path forward for content development and marketing.
  • Day 8 of my 31-day run challenge

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 1/7/16

  • Paring down to that one thing that matters most with my business.  I think it’s going to be video.
  • Two articles worth reading: “2016: Go All In” by Derek Halpern and “Audit Where Time is Spent” by David Cummings.
  • Day 7 of my 31-day run challenge
  • Knocking off my ten sales calls. Mostly focusing on follow ups with incubators and accelerators I’ve met with over the past two months.
  • Recorded a Startup Selling podcast episode this morning.

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 1/6/16

  • Hosting two weekly coaching calls for Startup Selling clients. One early AM for East Coasters & Europe. One late afternoon for everyone else.
  • Couple of sales calls. Call with marketing consultant to help me set up live events & workshops in Jan & Feb.
  • Seeing the fruits of yesterday’s labor re: setting up customer development calls: 11 outreaches via LinkedIn,
  • Day 6 of my 31 day run challenge
  • More time at home the next few days with my wife traveling.

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 1/5/16

  • Engaging with Startup Selling clients to see what their priorities are for the week so I can be sure to help them where I can.
  • Competing with myself and my expectations. Working through a little mental burnout after pushing hard yesterday, then arising early today.
  • Self-regulating by taking a break to go for a run and eating well – lots of fruit today.
  • Plowing through my ten sales calls, and asking for time from startup founders & CEOs for customer development interviews.

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 1/4/16

  • Posting on Quora as part of my new marketing calendar. Today’s post here re: enterprise software startups & using resellers and partners.
  • Starting my 10-day sales call challenge: 10 sales calls per day for 10 days = 100 sales calls.
  • Two calls with potential clients. Nice to have these set up from hustling over the holiday weeks.
  • Day 4 of my 31-consecutive-day-run challenge. Getting back to fitness. Prepping for the racing year ahead.

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 12/31/15

  • Thinking through the ideas, thoughts, lessons and accomplishments from this past year.
  • Here’s the short list: congruence, doing video, “inside out marketing,” personal routines, sticking to a schedule, benefits of coaching, everything is a process, the importance of customer development.
  • Thank you to the people that helped me this year, especially: Jeff Turner, Byron Davis, Taki Moore, and Krisstina Wise. And of course my completing awesome wife, without whom I would not be able to do any of this.
  • Finishing the day early today to shut down for a couple of days.

Today’s Livestream:


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