Left-handed swimming. Running 50 miles.

I started left-handed swimming yesterday. When I changed my swimming form for the better this summer (thanks to Total Immersion), the externality was a further etching of my right-arm dominant swimming stroke. Even before my near debacle during the Alcatraz swim two weeks ago, I knew I need to switch up my breathing and stroke pattern, so September will be that month to undo more than five years of my right-arm swimming addiction.

Rumor has it that even Aquaman had to overcome a right-handed swimming addiction.

Rumor has it that even Aquaman had to overcome a right-handed swimming addiction.

I started this week with two 2500 yards swims already, almost entirely left-side breathing with some trilateral breathing. The first 1500 yards of the first workout were brutally bad – it felt as comfortable as brushing my teething or throwing a football left-handed The last 1000 yards got a little better, so I left encouraged. The second workout was less bad, so all is trending in the right direction. I’m planning on three swim workouts a week this month, all of them left-handed.

Once October rolls around, I’ll move to trilateral breathing permanently. I’m hoping to find some long distance open water swims throughout the Fall and Winter, even I have to travel to places like Florida, Hawaii, or the Carribbean. Suggestions welcome.

Now if I could only learn how to do flip turns…

On the running front, I’m registered for The North Face Endurance Challenge 50-miler. Super pumped for this event. I did their half-marathon distance in 2009, then tried the 50k distance in 2010 and withdrew around mile 18 because of an injury.  The course is awesome and I remember the event organization to be very, very good.

I got back into running mode with 19 miles last week and I’m on track for 20+ miles this week. That’ll ramp up over the next few weeks to the 30 mile/week range, and I’m planning a 20 mile/30k trail run sometime in late October/early November as a precursor to the 50-miler in December. Suggestions welcome here too.

Once I bag the 50-miler, I’ll get to work on running back-to-back 50 milers by early Spring as training for The California Challenge.

One response to “Left-handed swimming. Running 50 miles.

  1. Great job on the offside breathing. I get about 200 yards and always feel like Im going to drown and go back to my strong side. I make it a bit farther with trilateral but since I like to swim fast, I never last long with that because I want more air.
    Thats awesome that you got into NFC 50. Its a terrific race. Let me know what your free days or parts of days are and we can get out to climb some hills. Locally, repeats at Lagoon Valley can get you some good elevation fairly quickly but Auburn is much prettier to run around.

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