You win by playing. Every day. No matter what.

By waking up with intent. With a purpose. With a plan.

By finding presence. By following your Self, then by being your Self. Then by putting forth your very best Self in each moment.


By pushing your Self each day to try something new, to do something hard that you want to do and something hard that you have to do. To see the result as the Truth, raw and impartial.

By telling this Truth to yourself and to others, and accepting that which ensues. By knowing that there is no score, because there is no game to win, only a game to play.

The photo shows two feet in colorful unnulated socks.

You win by shutting off your email. By turning off your phone. By getting enough sleep. By taking walks in the cold rain just so you can feel warm when you come back inside. By eating beets because that’s what you like to eat. By wearing your purple striped socks because they’re your favorite.

Go Farther.

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