One week to go. Shit’s getting real. [Uberman]

A week from today, I’ll be in Los Angeles for final prep before hopping on a boat to head to Catalina Island to kick off my attempt at Uberman.

The boat ride will take about two hours. The swim back to shore will be a bit closer to 15 hours…

I’ve done all the training I can do and now it’s just a matter of whether or I’m able I can put together five days of execution.  I’m well past the physical challenge of the ordeal. It’s become a massive puzzle:

… How to manage a 21-mile swim that starts in the dark and likely ends in the dark

… How I’ll keep myself going while still deploying good judgement after what’s safe and responsible to my family and myself.

… What to do if the current is strong. Or the winds create chop. Or there’s a migration of sea lions causing a shark feeding frenzy. Or that I’m just plain tired and unable to safely continue.

… Then if I finish the swim, how to get on a bike less than 12 hours later to start the first of two, 200-mile cycling segments knowing I’ll have back pain after the first 90 minutes…

… And if I finish the bike, how to start, continue, and complete a 135-mile trek by foot over 36 hours.



Yep, shit is getting real.


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