Less than a month to go…[Uberman]

When Uberman comes up in conversation, most people say something to the effect of – “Wow – that’s amazing!”

My reply is usually – “Well it’ll be amazing if I actually do it. Right now it’s all talk.”

I’ve reached the point in training where:

  1. I’m pretty sick of training. The grind is getting to me. I’d really, really like to have some of my life back.
  2. It’s a final push to sharpen and eek out any gains possible for whatever conditions the event or my body throw at me.
  3. Don’t get injured.

Re: Training…

I spent a day with Brian MacKenzie about a month ago at CrossFit-Costa Mesa. He is the real deal. We put together a Training-Strength & Conditioning-Nutrition-Mobility Plan. What to do every day of the week and I’ve been following nearly to a T since then.

The plan is no joke. Here’s a view of the workouts day-by-day. Every night, I’m doing 15-30 minutes of stretching and mobility:


3x Bike (15-20 min)-Run (10 min) Brick. Max effort on all segments with fast transitions. These are basically all-out sprints for the times, so I’m at 22mph bike avg and 6:30-6:45 mile pace.

Swim (my add): 3000-4000 yards with random intervals.


Long Run – 10-15 miles, with one minute pick-ups every ten minutes. The pick-ups add to the run pretty significantly. A 10-11 mile run with pickups feels like a 15 miler on long slow distance.

Swim (my add) – 2500-4000 yards with random intervals.


Long Bike – 3+ hours on the bike with with one minute pick-ups every ten minutes.


Strength & Conditioning – Deadlifts & Lunges, followed by a Cross-Fit workout –> 6-10 rounds of 200 yard sprint, 5 pull-ups, 5 push-ups. I usually go 6-7 rounds on this over 13-17 minutes.

Long Interval Swims – 500-1000 yard intervals with 250 yard rest between. I can go 4-5 rounds of this totally 4000 yards and I’m completely spent after.


Strength & Conditioning – Shoulder Presses, then Cross-Fit movements for time. ie. 100 kettlebell swings, wall balls or box jumps for time.

Long Interval Runs – 800-1200 yard all out, then recover to HR = 99, then go again, and keep going until I’m cooked. That’s about 6-7 miles right now.


Short Interval Swims – 50 yard intervals, going the whole length with minimal breathing (I can go 25 yards end-to-end without breathing now).

Long Interval Bike – 5-10 minutes all out, then recover to HR = 99, then go again. Do this for two hours.

Sunday: Rest

More updates to come as we get closer. Just wanted to share where I am for those interested…



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