Open water swimming at Corson’s Inlet (Ocean City, NJ)

I just finished three glorious days in a row of morning swims at Corson’s Inlet, which separates Ocean City, NJ and Sea Isle City.

I only needed only to be 50 yards from shore at any point to stay clear of the fishing lines cast from shore, and that kept me safely from the motor boats and jet skis.


Equipment note: I LOVE my Kiefer SafeSwimmer buoy. IT IS AWESOME. Thank you to my wonderful wife for this gift.

From the spot I dipped into the water near the connector bridge, I could site by a white water tank, and when that fell from view, I shifted to a tall red radio tower to hit the sandy point.

On Saturday and Sunday, I swam right at high tide, so there was virtually no current.

This morning (Monday), I swam with an incoming tide and really felt it as I reached the sandy point. I got out to rest and a fisherman applauded me for the work out I was giving myself. He also commented how cool and visible by swim buoy was. Lots of fun out there.

Couple of notes:

  • It’s almost exactly a half mile from the Corson’s Inlet State Park entrance to the sandy point that juts out, making a solid one mile swim without much effort.
  • Rounding the sandy point can be a little treacherous, as the jet skis cut the corner and the water gets a little rough going out to the ocean. I think a strong swimmer could be just fine, I just wouldn’t recommend taking the risk unless you’re in a group and have a kayak or boat spotting you.
  • Check the local tide chart. The high and low tides change by about 45 minutes each day. Didn’t know that until my mom shared a tide chart with me. (Thanks, Mom. 🙂


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