A year ago…

I’m wrong about almost everything. I get romantic notions of how a certain event or a certain outcome will validate an idea or bisect my life between what was and what will be.

A year ago, I was working at CoreLogic. I had flown to DC for the week and came back a day early because I was incredibly bored.

A year ago, I spent all of my time in the DC office and hotel working on SalesQualia. I noodled on software ideas for salespeople and building sales consulting packages to sell as a product. I was just starting to think about local help for my projects.

A year ago, I experimented with Google and LinkedIn ads for my books and workshops. I had yet to publish my second book.

A year ago, I had just led a workshop in Orange County and was focused on a speaking proposal for The Lean Startup Conference. I did a few more workshops in the Fall, and didn’t get the nod for the conference speaking spot. Neither mattered.

A year ago, Hult had yet to return my calls or emails about teaching. Now I’m preparing to teach my fourth class there starting next month. They love me there and we’ve talked about teaching in London, Shanghai, and Dubai.

A year ago, I hadn’t yet talked with Blend. Last night, I slept at the Blend office.

A year ago, I set goals about learning French, homeschooling Benjamin, living in Australia, and getting interviewed by Charlie Rose, and running an ultra-marathon. I still have those goals.

I always think I know what my life will be like in a year. Clearly, I haven’t a clue.


One response to “A year ago…

  1. Prognostication is overrated. Persistence is all that matters.

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