“What the heck is happening?”

Captain’s Log: Friday, November 22, 2003. 4:16pm.

Location: Cloud Forest Cafe, where all non-office SalesQualia productivity takes place

Report: We launched our “Startup Selling” course late on Saturday, and had a small flurry of sign-ups on Sunday and Monday. We flattened out around 25 users after the initial posting, then on Thursday the rocket ship took off.

Email after email came in – “____ just joined your Startup Selling Udemy course.” We couldn’t figure it out. Well, turns out someone posted a link to the course on a forum, which has been driving traffic to us ever since. We’re now north of 225 users and climbing.

I spent the afternoon sending out a few more invitations to friends and colleagues, with lots more to go on this front. We’ve also earned two reviews.

Udemy sent us a list of updates to make – relatively minor (from their perspective) – such as cleaning up the audio and adding better images. Yes, the course is under constant improvement.

Comments on the Team: Robert “The Man With No Title” Wharton is a beast. He’s been handling all of the technical issues like a champ. From Robert earlier today:

Subject: Finished Sound Editing!!

Robert Wharton
1:51 PM (2 hours ago)

to me
The subject line says it all!!! Don’t take this personally, but I’m really tired of listening to you… All I have to do now is finish exporting all of the revamped videos and then upload them to Udemy.

I’m almost finished with all of the lecture descriptions as well and will then create a new cover photo.


He even updated his LinkedIn profile. We are in rock-and-roll mode right now.

Next Steps: Udemy will post to it’s public forum after the updates, then it’s off to the races to hit 1000 users.

Current State: Happily tired. Relieved that the course is taking off. Satisfied with our progress. A little surprised by how much we’ve accomplished this week, and over the last four weeks.

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