Giving more away

I’m always telling salespeople and startup CEOs to “add value, add value, add value.” Yesterday in a customer development call, I learned that I myself am still not doing that enough.  Then as a reminder, I was introduced to David Dunn’s “Try Giving Yourself Away.” Dunn published the article in 1947. This is not a new concept in the modern economy.

I tell myself that I help people, and I am. Except that I’m not explicit enough about it. The person I spoke with has an open calendar on TimeTrade. Anyone can book 15 minutes with him to ask for his help or advice. That’s awesome.

I’m going to do this more. For starters, I set up aTimeTrade account:

Book time with me for any questions, conversations, help, or advice that you think I might be able to offer. And if I can’t help you, I promise to help you find the answer.

For our online sales course, we’re hosting live Office Hours. Anyone who takes the course will find me sitting in front of my computer and camera, ready to answer questions about the course, applying what they’ve learned, and sales questions they have for their company.

As for the course itself, we planned to charge from the start and we have several friends our ours that have paid $19 to help us get started. When the course launches, it’ll be free. For the people that paid their $19, we’ll be issuing refunds.

Add value, add value, add value.

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