Time with friends

Down in Las Vegas today leading a sales process workshop with Entrepreneur’s Organization.

Had a chance to my oldest friend in the world last night for dinner. He and I have know each other since high school – almost 25 years of friendship. I know we’re friends because we never talk about “old times.” The conversation is about life – what’s happening, what’s ahead, what’s hard, what’s great, what sucks sometimes. We only see each other about once a year, and almost never talk on the phone, yet when I jumped in the car at the airport, the time between disappeared.

And to make my trip even better, I just got a call from another friend. One of the guys responsible for me moving to San Francisco 12 years ago. Same thing. We talk about life. He told me how he’s been reading the blog and following what I’m doing. He said that it’s clear that I’m doing things the “Booch” way – Tireless. Darn straight. The one thing I know I can do really, really well – and that’s outlast whatever is in front on me. “Life’s not about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep  moving forward.”

So, so, so energizing to talk with friends and hear them tell you that they believe in you.

This is life. Real life.


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