Tick, tick, tick…

Blech. I’m almost out in front of my skis. But not quite. 🙂

Lots of little details with finishing our website redesign, like having to log a case with Salesforce asking why we’re getting an error from Gravity Forms because of API access (or lack thereof) with my Salesforce account. I’m going to be really pissed if I have to upgrade my Salesforce account to the next subscription type just to use this one form. Really pissed.

We’re working through the final production steps of the sales class, and much like moving out of an apartment, the last 20% is going to take 80% of the time and focus. We’re still in the early stages of marketing the class, and I’m feeling like I should have started this process weeks ago, which I did with the website work which is taking weeks longer than it should have.

Learning many, many things from customer development interviews. Had five calls yesterday, and another ten scheduled for the week. Overall, we’re indeed on the right track though I’m feeling the need to make some changes that I really don’t want to change given the timing. I want this class launched by mid-November and we have seven real weeks of selling time left in 2013. Seven. In between there’s Dreamforce and The Lean Startup Conference, both of which are prime guerilla marketing opportunities.

Today is a focused day with our big advisory client after an early morning customer development coffee meeting. Up at 4am to catch the 4:45am train to San Francisco where I’ll be all day. Tomorrow I leave for Las Vegas in the afternoon for a workshop on Thursday.

Tick, tick, tick…

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