Back in stride this morning

Lots of travel and developing new work patterns in the past couple of weeks. Two days in Seattle, two days in Portland, two days in LA, back-and-forth to San Francisco to rock-and-roll with our big, important advisory client (which is going along swimmingly at the moment. :-). The disjointedness took me out of my preferred pattern of early rising then sitting at the kitchen table to read and write. I’ve worked in blog posts from hotel rooms and shared workspaces. All well and good, and this morning I was giddy to wake up at home and jam on a new book.

I bought a copy of Tina Seelig’s “InGenius: A Crash Course to Creativity.” I saw Tina speak at UC-Davis a couple weeks ago. Very energetic. Lots of great ideas in her book.

Did lots of filming on Wednesday, and more on the slate today. Feeling good and energized going into the next stretch.

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