Last week was a blur. This week looks blurry.

I care about two things, and only two things right now:

  1. That our advisory client has an excellent experience
  2. That we continue our learning march in developing our online course.

We’re doing both, and while the first week seemed to move in discrete steps, last week moved quickly with decisions, time pressure, and deliverables on the edge of tolerance. Airplanes are rated for certain speeds, wind conditions, and weight. The stall speed for a Cessna 152 is 42-48 knots. The weight tolerance is 400-500 lbs. Even these scientifically derived ratings have ranges and conditions may vary. And here I am in a vehicle not yet rated without any scale or testing mechanism trying to figure out what speed, conditions, and tolerances we we have.

I consider last week successful because we marched forward on these two goals. Made significant progress with a potential sales opportunity with our client and I spent a good chunk of time on Sunday focusing on meetings for an upcoming conference to which we’re traveling.

For the course, we got the cameras up and running, talked with support personnel at our course-hosting company, shot some good segments, and made progress on our marketing plan.

And with all of this, there’s still that feeling of being behind. Always behind. A growing to-do list and distractions – website update, taking a day this week for my quarterly executive coaching planning day, developing new ideas, operational tasks. That’s where I’m just focusing on now now and later later. Whatever falls through probably wasn’t that important anyway.


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