Portland, et al

Spent the day in Portland yesterday. Mark Grimes at NedSpace hosted me and filled the room with 60+ people listening to me teach “Build-Measure-Learn Your Sales Process.” Had a great time once I got rolling. Photo here: instagram.com/p/fjLaFTLM3a. Crashed at my sister-in-laws who picked me up from downtown, cooked dinner, had food for breakfast, then arose at 5:30am to take me to the airport. T-bone – you rock!

Flew back to Sacramento in the AM and skipped a pretty big sales conference in San Francisco to knock out some more video. Came back with lots of energy and ideas from the travel and speaking. Very happy to make good progress and starting to hit a flow.

Also happy about the decision to skip the conference because:

  1. I chose to worry about me, not the conference
  2. I got home and went for a run, paying attention to my body telling me I needed exercise
  3. I was able to spend time at home tonight playing with my little boy instead of crawling home at 9pm, only to turn around to catch the 4:45am train back to SF in the AM (which yes, I am doing)

Things are well with our big, important advisory client. Huge day planned in the office there tomorrow, and now focusing ahead to a big, important industry conference less than two weeks away.

Feeling good, feeling tired, feeling challenged, feeling urgency, feeling kind of in control, and feeling happy.

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