I’m not counting days anymore

It’s irrelevant now. I’m in the thick of it now, and yesterday I stepped into a pile of video production crap I never expected.

The day started positively, and ended positively, and I mostly kept my cool throughout the rough patch. Robert and I learned that we can work together under stressful conditions like:

  1. The room we booked for video filming was too dark. Even with the 3-point lighting kit. Not to mention that we booked the room starting at 9am and no one showed up to open the place until nearly 9:30.
  2. Said lighting kit and testing took more than an hour.
  3. We audibled and heading over to SARTA, who graciously offered their conference room free of charge. Again.
  4. On the way, we stopped to do a 15-minute call with an “expert” on Clarity. He charges $3.33/minute, and was expected to be a sales & marketing expert. We did not get our money’s worth.
  5. The new Sony handycams do not come charged (expected) and also do not come with a power cord. (Huh?) You can only charge with the USB, which when connected to one’s laptop, expects that you will be shooting the video directly to said computer instead of the memory card. When you film to the memory card, the USB does not charge. This is by design.
  6. If you found #5 confusing, imagine our consternation at 12:45pm after arriving and setting up at our second location for the day, on the only day in two weeks where my schedule allowed for filming.

My wife is awesome. When I finally got home, she was super – told me that everything will be fine. And it will be. Then I was off the coach soccer which really helps recenter my brain. At least there I can see progress and know that I’m helping the players and parents.

I finished the day with a flurry of positive outcomes, so the oft-mentioned roller coaster analogy holds. Started high, hit some bumps, finished high. Got less sleep than I like because I’m on a train to San Francisco for meetings and a very full day (a good thing and a result of my planning and process last week).

And so it goes…

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