Day 4 – Wait… Day 4? That’s it?

I tell my students when they get stressed out – “Focus on now, now. Later is later. Do now now and later later.” So I did lots of now and did pretty well. In between, I made a trip to Target for supplies, stopped by UC-Davis and a local hotel to check out meeting and filming space, and remembered that I need to find new health insurance by the end of the month.

I’ve mostly stayed even keeled this week, which is like someone saying they’ve done a really good job of sticking to their diet for three days. It’s not about adhering to a predetermined regimen. It’s about changing behavior. Today was a little rough.

Thanks to Mark Suster for his excellent post about motivation. I woke up this morning to make a couple of calls to the East Coast at 6am. That was worth it. Then I got that anxious feeling that I’ve got lots to do, little time to do, and what I think I need to do and what I plan to do, may not end up being the most important things that I should do.  (I just left this blog post to verify a Google Voice number I needed to set up and to send an email. Argh…)

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