Day 3: Planning & Focusing

Had an outstanding client day yesterday. Still feels good being on my own. And it should – it’s Day 3.

Spent the chunk of Tuesday onsite delivering on customer development and business development calls.  Much progress here. (Read more about these customer development efforts here on my company blog.)

More accomplishments:

  • Settled on our third, and I hope last, website developer. It’s been a pain because my laziness performing due diligence and choosing inexpensive options quickly. Measure twice cut, once.
  • More strides planning our Udemy course. Filming starts tomorrow.
  • Plowed through outstanding emails and introductions made over the last week.
  • Finished up final grading for a couple of courses I taught at Hult International School of Business. Happy to move this off my to-do list and happy with the teaching results.
  • Came home rested and excited for Wednesday.

Focus today:

  • Early AM client meeting – a data visualization company, based in Paris. Road trip anyone? I met this company via my book and have been informally advising them for a few months. Chance to meet the founder in person while he’s in town for a conference.
  • Project focused re: enterprise sales training. Building out a curriculum and rollout strategy.
  • Decided to begin recruiting engineers and sales development reps. We don’t have a software product in development, and I’m already pretty full with client engagements. That’s exactly why I’m starting the recruiting process.
  • Preparing for tomorrow’s video time.
  • Preparing a call list for tomorrow’s customer development work.

RE: Recruiting

I’m looking for engineers with experience building the following: CRMs and project management tools, voice-to-text-to-analytics applications, educational products.

Our next sales development rep needs to qualify inbound leads, manage our CRM and contact database, run marketing campaigns, and organize live events. Definitely some marketing sprinkled into the sales side of the work.

Outstanding items that bother me:

  • I’ve yet to send out thank you cards to the people I’ve met and talked with over the past three weeks.
  • I’m behind on preparing our next Meetup Group.
  • I need to block time to begin preselling (read: earning revenue) for the Udemy course.

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