TBF HIM race plan

This was my race plan for the TBFRacing Half-Ironman triathlon on Saturday, August 25th.

4:30 – Wake up. Light stretch at home.
5:00 – Leave house
6:00 – Arrive at park
6:15: Unload car, pump tires, and walk to transition
6:30: Finish initial transition set up. Look at transition from point of view of incoming on bike. Find markers.
6:45: Body markings and bathroom
7:00: light stretching, wet suit on
7:10: walk to water. Last potty break if needed 

* Look at transition from point of view of swim. Find markers.
* Relax and have fun. You’re racing today. 

* Get in water by 7:15. This has been a problem last two races where I am scurrying to the start just minutes before start time.
* Warm up strokes – 20-25 each direction.
* Check goggles for leaks.
* Visualize smooth swim.
* Find faster swimmers to tuck behind and draft.
* Choose visual marker in the distance above the first buoy.
* Smooth easy strokes. 

Target Time: 0:30 

* Check time coming out of water
* Unzip as I’m moving to transition. Undo torso
* Slow deep breaths
* Remember where you are located in transition
* Remove wetsuit bottom while standing 

1. Cycling Shoes
2. Sunglasses
3. Helmet
4. Mount and go
5. Start Garmin 

Target Transition Time: 0:04 

Bike: Winds expecting from the SSW which means I’ll have a tail wind for the first 18 miles then a cross/tail for miles 18-35, then a slight headwind the rest of the way in. 

Flat and fast for first 20 miles then a long slow ascent over next 15 miles, then flat/downhill for last 20 miles. Pace accordingly and don’t overwork in middle section. Better to keep HR down and make up time in last third and save legs for the run. The downhill section will help to offset some of the expected headwind. 

Target HR for Bike: 135-140bpm
Target pace: 19 mph average
Target Total time: 2:55 

I think I can average 20mph for a time of 2:50 but want to save legs for last 1/3 of ride and for the run. Will base on how I feel and how HR is doing. Last 2 miles of the bike are slightly uphill so stay focused but don’t overwork. When I make the turn back into the park for these last 2 miles, focus on the transition – where is my bike spot? What order will I remove my bike gear, rack bike, then change to run gear? Take 2 salt pills while on the bike. 

* Fill Speedfil with Hammer Mix – Drink every 10 minutes.
* Water in front mount. Finish water between aid stations (miles 19, 35, 45)
* 3 Clif bars in Bento Box. Eat 1/2 bar every 30 minutes.
* Grab Clif Shot from aid stations and keep in pocket for extra
* Drink water at every aid station (10 stations on the run course). Grab two cups if possible.
* Take 2 salt tablets every 30 minutes, or roughly every 3-4 miles. 

1. Dismount
2. Cycling shoes off
3. Run shoes on
4. Helmet off
5. Racing belt on
6. Bathroom if needed
7. Change Garmin from bike to run while leaving transition. 

Target Transition Time: 0:04 

I know the run course well – completed in several times in Sprint and Olympic distance races. Trail run with undulations. I’ve been getting off the bike fast in Sprint races this year – running sub-7:00 miles. Need to be sure to lock into a slow pace early – can always get a negative split if I’m feeling strong. 

Target HR for run: 155-160bpm
Target pace: 8:00/mile
Target Total time: 1:45 or better 

I’m targeting a 8:15/mile for IM-Melbourne in March. This race will be a good indication of how I can handle a faster pace and how much training I have ahead of me for the next six months. 

Temperature forecast is 88 degrees, which is considerably cooler compared to recent temps. Additionally, those highs are usually at 3 or 4pm, so starting the run before noon should mean the temps are in the low to mid-80s. I generally have a tough time with HR in hotter environments. 

* Bring frozen Hammer in running belt. Make thick for calories during the run.
* Grab Clif Shot from aid station if I finish my Hammer mix early.
* Drink water at every aid station (10 stations on the run course). Grab two cups if possible.
* Take 2 salt tablets every 30 minutes, or roughly every 3-4 miles. 

Target Time: 5:25 

Stretch: 5:15 — This will require a 2:45 bike. Possible if conditions are favorable. 

Other places I can snip time:
* 2-3 minutes with fast transitions
* 2-3 minutes with an excellent swim.
* Run pace is already somewhat aggressive and running at a 7:45 pace equates to only 3 minutes.

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