My #BCS hopes are for…

… the ensuing chaos if:

  1. ‘Bama loses this week to Auburn (game at Jordan-Hare Stadium)
  2. Arkansas beats LSU this week, then loses to Georgia in the SEC championship
  3. Oklahomas beats Oklahoma State
  4. Clemson beats VaTech in the ACC championship
  5. Stanford loses to Notre Dame.
  6. Boise State wins out.
  7. Houston wins out.

So then what?

Then you have LSU with one loss, then a whole bunch of two-loss teams from the top conferences. Boise would move up, but probably not to #2, and if they did, could the NCAA really swallow Boise in the BCS championship game after taking second place in the WAC?  Houston would be undefeated, but ain’t no way they get into the game.

The pollsters would put one-loss LSU in the title game – a team that didn’t even win its conference division, against who?  

  1. ‘Bama with two losses and third in their conference division?
  2. Arkansas with two losses?
  3. Oklahoma State with two losses?
  4. Kansas State with two losses and second place in their conference division?

Could Georgia jump from #13 to #2 in two weeks?  (That actually could happen if they beat Georgia Tech and win the SEC championship game.)

None of this will happen, but some of it could.  

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