Happily finished with Asimov’s Foundation

Going from Vonnegut to Asimov was a leap of faith, and too far for me to jump.  As the chapters sputtered along, I reached deathly point of gaining more utility by finishing than from reading, fulfilling my mission finally on Saturday night and sleeping well knowing I’d no longer subject myself to it.

From reviews I’ve read, Asimov’s Foundation series established the modern-day science fiction writing genre in many ways. I get it.  It’s just not my cup of tea. Because of the 20, 50, and 70 year forward jumps, little time remains for the character development and minituae that I enjoy.  And that’s the point with Asimov – the story matters more than the characters – and that’s where the great chasm exists for me. 

I’m onto Catch-22 now.  Yossarian lives. (I planned on Catcher in the Rye, but it’s not available on Kindle.)


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