I’m such as ass

I'm such an ass.

I saw people in wheelchairs this weekend that will never walk again. I listened to a homeless guy on the Caltrain this morning babble incoherently about his Lamborghini in Los Angeles and his need for a phone to call an 866 number to get some kind of payment card.  I watched a blind man purposely shuffle from the train station down the sidewalk.  It's a chore for him to get to work everyday.

And last night, over dinner of organic meat hamburgers, three kinds of barbeque sauce, homemade cheese and frozen yogurt, I whined about my commute schedule like a spoiled brat.

I'm such an ass.

After reading a novel from a Nobel-prize winning author on my Kindle yesterday, I blamed stir-craziness and hopped on my $3000 triathlon bike for a 25-mile ride.  

I chose from five differently colored golf shirts and then packed by Bose headphone, iPod, and Via for this morning's train ride where I would be granted silence to read and think and write a little. But yet I found time to complain last night.

I'm such an ass.

Yesterday morning, I slept until 8:00 am for the first time in months, drove to a local coffee shop for French Toast, scones, and espresso with my loving wife, but I still managed to utter the words – "Everyone else gets to do what they want" last night.

I'm such as ass.

4 responses to “I’m such as ass

  1. I hate it when perspective gets in the way.

  2. Scott Sambucci


  3. Francis Suarez

    I share your thoughts. As much as we like being good and perfect we aren’t. We learn every day to control our thoughts, emotions and specially what we let out of out mouth. It is a challenge. I can measure out of every 60 minutes I live, I do something, say something or react at least once I didn’t like later or regret. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes I let it go. The day we learn to pick others battles and our emotional battles, we will succeed.

  4. Scott Sambucci

    Hi Francis – Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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