“The List” – I shall prepared #imcda

1. Wear tights Saturday
2. Get extra bike tube
3. Ibuprofin
4. Via for caffeine punch

Calorie math –> need 400 calories/hour
3 scoops Perpetuem = 405 calories
1 Clif Bar = 250 calories

6.5 hours x 400 calories = 2400 calories = 13 scoops Perpetuem
1 Clif Bar per hour = 6 Clif Bars. Equals 1/2 Clif bar every 10 miles
1/2 PBJ at Turnaround, 1/2 PBJ at mile 100

Run: 2 bottles x 3 scoops each – Finish 1 bottle per leg (6 miles)
1/4 Clif Bar every 2 miles

Bike Special needs-
Perpetuem Mix in bottle
2 Clif bars

Lena on person at all times:

* Electrolyte pills

* Clif Bar


* Water bottle – full

* Perpetuem in bottle

* Espresso

* Extra Garmin

* Time of day watch

* Ibuprofen 

Saturday night:

* Make PBJ for race day

* Have Nurtition laid out on counter

4:00 – Wake up
bagel & light PB/Jelly, Yogurt & granola with honey & BB
4:15 – Hot shower – stretch
4:30 – Nutrition bottles
4:45 – Leave house
5:00 – Drop special needs bags
5:05 – Get marked.  Then sunscreen & vaseline
5:10 – Check bike in transition. Pump tires
Put on Garmin
Fill nutrition bottles
Fill Water bottle
5:20 – Check transition bags
5:45 – Begin stretching on grassy area
6:10 – Relax, last stretch
6:15 – Begin donning wetsuit on grassy area behind start.
6:25 – Go to Chair 4 to timing chip with Clif bar and water bottle
6:30 – Move to inside left position.  
Get in water, face wet, a few strokes to warm up.  Breathe.  
Let suit fill with water.
Check goggles for fog and fit.
Eat half Clif Bar and sip on water.

7:00 – Boom.  Relief.  I get to race!

* Slow and steady to warm up

* Let aggressive swimmers ahead then draft. 

* Swim confidently and strongly. 

* Breathe and relax.  

* Smile – you're going to be a 2-time Ironman

* Be happy you're not a meathead or freak climbing over people

* Check the clock at the turn but do not push any harder than you are.  Gaining 5 minutes on the swim will cost me 20 minutes on the bike.


* Find Strippers, get on ground, relax

* Call out number

* Grab bag and go to far end of tent where there is probably more room

* Run through gate, hug left-hand barrier fence all the way around to my row near the red TIMEX tent 

SWIM-TO-BIKE Transition:

* Grab towel to dry torso

* More EZBalls. Wipe hands

* Glasses, gloves, arm-warmers in helmet

* Jersey with 2 clif bars, extra Perpetuem, and 2* (1/2) PBJ wrapped in celephane in pockets

* Chomp Clif Bar, put rest in Jersey pocket

* Swig Bottle with Perpetuem mix

* Electrolyte pills


* Relax

* Trust your training

* Get heartrate down to 120-125 range.  Spin up the hills with controlled intensity

* Drink, drink, drink water

* 1/4 Clif Bar every 15 mins, wash down with water

* Swig of Perpetuem in every 15 minutes off center with Clif Bar

* 2 Electrolytes every 45 mins (bring 15 for ride)

* Check clock at the 1/2 mark.  See how you feel.  Can you do an even split?  How about a negative split?  What will either cost you on the run.  Be patient – I'm going to be faster than last year.  Don't think you're going to Kona.  Stayed focused on the goal.

BIKE-TO-RUN Transition:

* Unclip 

* Dismount

* Grab Garmin

* Call number & grab bag.  Loosen Helmet strap on way

* Helmet off – Gloves off, armwarmers off, jersey off –> place in helmet

* Shoes off, place next to helmet

* Running shoes on

* Running Belts on – two full bottles of Perpetuem with 3 scoops each

* Electrolyes

* Run


* Short strides, keep it light.  Slow to 8:30 pace within 2 miles

* Break run into 4 legs.

* Swig of Mix every mile

* Water at every aid station

* 2 Electrolyte pills every 30 (min)-45 (max) minutes depending of how I feel.

* Check pace. Fall back to 8:45 if struggling at 8:30.  First 13 miles should feel like a jog

* Maintain 8:45 for Legs 2 & 3.  Drop to 9:00 if struggling

* For last leg, be strong and smart and strong.  Maintain 9:-9:15 pace – you can do this b/c you're fitter, stronger, lighter, with better nutrition

* Focus on the perfect stride.  

* Smile – you're almost there.

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