Dead Legs Day

Planned to do a 5.5-6.0 hour ride to cap of a 3-week build period.  But alas, my legs would have none of it…

Started from home and on the way to Winters, realized I forgot my electrolyte pills.  Steady Eddy’s served as an early rest stop for an espresso (which never hurts) and a to-go cup of salt (see picture).  Not sure which was most interesting about the transaction – the fact that the woman behind the counter asked if I wanted more than what she first poured into the cup, or the fact that no one seem to bat an eye when I asked for a bunch of salt to go…

Out past Lake Solano to Cardiac.  Figured I’d go right to Cardiac, then up and into Napa and if I was feeling good, I’d tackle Pope Valley or head over past Lake Hennessey  to Silverado Trail.  Got atop Cardiac feeling pretty good, but not great.  Worked my way to the 128/121 interchange, where a closed-up restaurant re-opened! Nice – convenience store plus cafe.  Filled up with water and started out north to 128.  About 1/4 mile down the road, realized that my legs really were dead.  Salt and fuel wasn’t helping, so did a U-turn and headed back towards Winters.

For as much as Cardiac is a challenging climb on the way out, the back side can be equally challenging – maybe its just that you forgot how much descent there was.  I pulled over and dumped the rest of the salt in with my drink mix.  Yes, it was a disgusting and it sounds and I regretted not thinking to pour a little at a time for taste.  Oops.

Got back to the 128/Pleasants Valley interchange and stopped again to top off water.  Ran into a friend, chatted a bit, and figured that I might do Cantelow as a way to get some extra miles.  I was at ~55 so far and hoped to do 85-100 today, so added this loop would put me squarely in the 85-90 mile range. Crossed past Lake Solano along Pleasants Valley and the way and more dead legs, so u-turned again back to Putah Creek and headed home. 

Did get in some relatively higher paced work along Putah Creek Road where Wheel Works holds its bi-weekly time trials.  Back home and finished at 75 miles.  Not terrible for a tough day, got in some climbing on George, but hoped to do more.  I have a rest week in my plan this week so the timing is good – I figured dead legs means I’m pushing as hard as I can and with 8 more weeks to go before the taper starts, I’m still in plenty good shape for two more solid build periods.

So that’s my ride – salt and dead legs.


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