Thinking about thinking

Working on housing market modeling has me thinking more often lately [insert joke here].  In turn, I find myself thinking about the process that goes into modeling the housing market, and then in turn, find that I'm thinking about thinking – what and how to generate new ideas.  It's a good place to be.  As luck would have it, I've randomly (or maybe not so randomly) run into a couple of excellent presentations and interviews that focus on "thinking."  

Thought I'd share the links to them: – always on of my favorites.  Steven Johnson: "Where good ideas come from" (17 minutes):

David Brooks on Charlie Rose (first 10-15 minutes of the interview), discussing his upcoming book about the brain and how thoughts are generated from gray matter:

Brooks is a NYTimes columnist, which means that I've never read any of his articles. But he's a regular on Charlie Rose and usually talks about government, politics, and America's perspective on both.  I've seen him on various Sunday morning shows, and find him to be a rather pragmatic liberal.  For those that know me, I rarely combine those two terms together. :–)

Charlie Rose has an ongoing series of programs about the brain – how it works, etc – which sadly I have not sat down to watch.  Search his website for them if you're interested.

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