109 mile Century Ride Adventure


Did a Century Ride today for Children’s Diabetes: www.bikearoundthebuttes.com 

Figured it was a good was to change up the training a bit and check out a part of California I’d probably never have a reason to visit otherwise.  Course was flat, flat, and more flat.   Lots of sun and a little wind by the afternoon. I did 109 miles instead of the scheduled 100 b/c I can’t read a map.    Volunteers were super awesome!

Here’s how I realized I went the wrong way.

Me (at the first rest stop in the northern loop): Which way do I go if I’m doing the Century Ride?
Volunteer from the Sutter Lion’s Club:  I’m not sure.  What does the map say?
Me: Dunno.  I didn’t look at it – was just following the people ahead of me.
Volunteer: Well, I have a map over here we can look at.
Me: That’s okay.  I have a map. I just didn’t look at it.

(Long pause as we stare at the map.)

Women Volunteer walks up.

Women: Are you lost?
Me: I think so.  The map’s not very good.
Women: Why we look at the turn-by-turn directions on the back of the map?
Me:  (Trying to think of a good answer as to why I would embark on a 100-mile journey without consulting the map…)

Turns out I went 9.5 miles in the wrong direction and was on the 40-mile course instead of the 100-mile course. I reversed direction, did the southern loop, found a short cut on the way back the northern loop to cut off 20 miles and avoid making this a 130 mile jaunt.

Random notes:

Mile 20: Riding too fast a pace.  Didn’t care.  It was fun to go fast on the country roads with no cars.
Mile 42: Realized I was a salmon going in the wrong direction in the mini-loop just above CA-20.  Questioning if I would survive in the woods if I ever got lost or how I make it to Safeway and back when I go grocery shopping.
Mile 43: Realized that’s why everyone passing me coming from the opposite direction was smiling.
Mile 52: Saw that my jacket pocket was unzipped and my driver’s license, credit card, and insurance card were missing.  Wondered aloud what I did to invoke such bad karma today.
Mile 60: Finished the reverse direction on the aforementioned mini-loop looking for aforementioned driver’s license, credit card, and insurance card.
Mile 60.01: Realized it was a lost cause.
Mile 70: Went off course to check a place back on the southern loop where I thought they might be.
Mile 70.01: Hoping that I made a big mistake and that maybe, just maybe I left everything in the car.
Mile 78: Last rest stop before northern loop around the Butte.  Discussed with fellow rider how the course makes your ride 70 miles until you get to the good scenery.
Mile 95: Eschewed rest stop.
Mile 98: Completed riding to the north, east, south, and west over the past 20 miles and got a little peeved that I failed to gain a tail wind in any of the four directions.
Mile 109.62: Thinking that I should have figured out a way to add another 2.37 miles just to get to the 112 mile barrier.
Mile 109.63: Stopped thinking so insanely to find food and lost objects.  Food found. Objects not.  Oh well.  Off the DMV. By car.

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